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Choi Xoo Ang
I've been exploring ordinary people and society they live in. The bigger and more advanced a society, the more standardized and systemized it becomes so as to more efficiently manage and control its citizens. It seems to me that most of people cannot help but adapt themselves to this society, or even be fettered by it. Such a methodical, personally affecting system is the dynamics of 'excessiveness' and 'deficiency.' It creates collision and flow, like the + and - of electrodes, and produces a loss of existence within the conflict between adaptation and maladjustment for those living within it. According to Felix Guattari's analyses of capitalism and micro-fascism, power in capitalist society seeks to make the public internalize their desire. It leads the public to spontaneous actions, which society demands they follow. Those who obey power seem influenced by something external, but a source of their energy may derive from their own desire.

My work explores the individual state both in unity and conflict, and attempts to reveal the real dynamics among society's diverse forces. I want the public to reconfirm their own capacity for self-awareness and to rediscover our active part in these relations.

The Awkward Age (Girl & Boy)
Oil on Resin (82 x 24 x 17 & 80 x 25 x 24 cm) (2007)

The King
Oil on Resin (55 x 40 x 39 cm) (2008)

The Dreamer (Girl)
Oil on Resin (77 x 38 x 33 cm) (2008)

Oil on Resin & Wood (115 x 49 x 44 cm) (2015)

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