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Gao Huijun
Gao Huijun is considered one of China's important artists; he has participated in numerous exhibitions in Europe in the early 1990s, showcasing modern Chinese contemporary art to audience outside China. The artist is best known for his 'China Blue' series that depict Tiananmen submerged in water with fishes swimming above the monument in a carefree manner. However, with a new twist, the artist has developed a new series that is refreshing and continues to capture the attention of the viewer. Images significant in traditional Chinese ink paintings and Western art are juxtaposed on his canvases. Tranquil landscapes consist mystifying scenes of floating rocks with featherless-bottomed bird or Dali inspired long-legged elephant and clock are some of the interesting images seen in Gao Huijun's works. In this new series, the artist deliberately creates a timeless sensation that somehow evokes the curiosity of the viewer with the floating objects set in a traditional Chinese mountainous landscape. One starts to wonder what these flying objects represent, and why are all the birds without feathers on their bottoms?

Chinese Art No. 2 The Day After Tomorrow Series
Acrylic on Canvas (215 x 100 cm) (2004)

Clouds on the Jingting Mountains
Acrylic on Canvas (100 x 120 cm) (2005)

Acrylic on Canvas (210 x 100 cm) (2007)

Listening To My Whisper In the Wild
Acrylic on Canvas (70 x 140 cm) (2007)

Watching the Sunset at the Source of the Yangtze
Acrylic on Canvas (200 x 140 cm) (2008)

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